Aliskiren decreases the bodies which narrows the blood vessels and cause hypertension. Aliskeirn is orally active renin inhibitor used in the management of hypertension; it prevents the conversion of angiotensinogen into angiotensin I and therefore inhibits the production of angiotensin II and aldosterone.

Adult Dose
Dose: 150 mg
Single Dose: 150 (150)
Frequency: 24 hourly
Route: PO
Instructions: (Initial Dose) Maintenance: the dosage may be increased to 300 mg daily if blood pressure is not adequately controlled.
Aliskiren is contraindicated in conditions like Diabetes insipidus,Diabetes mellitus,Gout.
The severe or irreversible adverse effects of Aliskiren, which give rise to further complications include Seizures.The symptomatic adverse reactions produced by Aliskiren are more or less tolerable and if they become severe, they can be treated symptomatically, these include Headache, Nausea, Gout, Itching, Hypotension, Cough, Hyperuricemia, Light headedness, Swelling, Sore throat, Back pain, Stomach pain, Stuffy nose.
Aliskiren is primarily indicated in conditions like Hypertension.
No data regarding the interactions of Aliskiren was found.
Drug should not be given to Paediatrics, Pregnant Mothers, patients suffering from Kidney dysfunction, and Neonates.If prescribing authority justifies the benefits of the drug against the possible damages he/she should reevaluate them and consult the reference material and previous studies.
Aliskiren can cause injury and even death to the fetus if you take it while you are pregnant. Contact your doctor at once if you think you may be pregnant.
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